Sdanley Shen

Taiwan, 1988
Based in Japan

2009  Internship in YOW!DESIGN Taiwan.

2012  Graduated from industrial design                of Tatung University Taiwan.

2010 - 2014  Design duty in Delta company

2012 - 2018  Design work as freelance 
2018  Graduated from Master course of                interior design of Musashino art                    university Japan with Excellence 



          Started the design studio                              "Sdanley Design Works"

About SDW logo

Like my logo to be well worth a second look, it must be simple-looked, but it still need some story behind. So I used the 24-gon (as it started my design work when I was 24 years old) to be a main visual element. Learning continuously as time pass by year and year, it grows every year as my ability, my thought, 25-gon, 26,27.... one day hope it will near to the circle, which means to near perfect.

Think as human

Design including life, creativity, behavior, and senses... but all the different motives finally return to one reason “human”. I think design is an embodiment of humanism, therefore, at the beginning of any cases of design, standing on the human side and consider every situations, feeling what people feels, is my core value.

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